Eco Care Products

Domestic Appliances are often bought on appearance and price but not on the impact on the environment during the production process, energy use as well as when the Appliance is codemned how much of it can be recycled.
For example a 10 year old Washing Machine that is working well will consume energy of 30% higher than a similar Appliance produced today.
Fridges and Freezers are on 24 hours a day throughout the year, A new fridge with a low energy class will only consume a quarter of electricity used on average by a fridge lets say bought in 1990. Annual consumption would work out to about £100 which after 10 years will be £1000, By comparison A New fridge purchased with a low energy class is only about £20 per year or £200 over a period of 10 years, So this would mean lower electricity bills and money saved over the life span of the New Appliance.
This is a way everyone can contribute to protect the enviroment and reduce emisssons into the atmosphrere.

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