Samsung New Smart Washer

Samsung say that you can control their all new WW9000 washing machine, which is set for a May launch in the UK, over wi-fi using a phone and that the machine will automatically select the right settings for your load.

Samsung's new WW9000 smart washing machine available from May this yearAlthough, before you read any further, Samsung are being really cagey and not telling anyone just how much that this new washing machine will cost which normally is a good indicator that “not cheap” will apply. And, all we have is a spattering of press information from Samsungthus far so, details may change and all the information is based on the manufacturer’s claims only.

The new Samsung WW9000 has had conventional controls like knobs and buttons replaced by a five inch colour touch-screen that would appear to be either proprietary to Samsung or, is possibly a heavily skinned version of Android.

But for the geeks reading, even if it does have an Android based core, don’t expect it to be able to have apps installed although that would possibly open up hacking possibilities. That probably wouldn’t be good however given recent concerns over the security of these kinds of connected appliances.

This is the first product that we have seen based on Samsung’s new Smart Control platform that they introduced just ahead of CES in Las Vegas this year that enables users to control the machine using a mobile phone or tablet.

Users can start and pause a cycle using their handheld devices and get notified how long is left on a cycle so they can time a load to finish as they get through the door. Quite how much use this is if you forget to load the machine in the first place, who knows but we would question the safety of leaving appliances running completely unattended.

Samsung says that their ‘Auto Optimal Wash’ uses sensors to get information about the load, such as size and quantity of dirt, before selecting the most suitable program. No details of how this magic is performed however and, to be honest, we don’t see or understand how that would work as the sensors required to do this do not exist to our knowledge. At least in the way that is being presented.

Much more is available such as Active Kids, Cooking and Dining and Hygiene Care are among six pre-programmed program cycles. The Most Used function remembers the washing cycles used the most, and you can store programmes as Favourites, while Auto Dispense automatically dispenses the right amount of washing detergent and softener for your load.

Samsung also claims that its Vibration Reduction Technology reduces the noise and vibrations from the machine, which also features a higher drum position than conventional washing machines to make it easier to load.

Available in deep blue, the overall design is more streamlined than conventional washing machines, Samsung says that it has “replaced unnecessary lines with a seamless surface and natural curves”.

According to Russell Owens, head of home appliances at Samsung: “Our ecobubble washing machine range has always pushed the boundaries in terms of offering our customers innovative features that make their lives simpler when it comes to doing the laundry.

“We believe our new WW9000 washing machine will change the way laundry appliances are perceived within the home.”

We think it could be a nightmare, especially from a servicing perspective.

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