“Remove and Clean the Spray Arms”
Blocked Spray arm holes can stop the Dishwasher cleaning properly,So every six months remove the spray arms and clear any blockages then rinse under a tap.
“Clean the Filters”
Clean the filters under a tap with a soft brush once a week,This prevents the trapped food waste ending back on your Dishes.
“Run the Dishwasher on a Hot wash program every six months”
This will get rid of any leftover food residue and prevent your Dishwasher from smelling.
“Load Carefully”
Get rid of lumps of leftover food before loading the Dishwasher as this gives the best chance of getting the dishes clean.Load large items such as baking trays,chopping boards at the back or the side as this ensures that they do not get in the way of the flow of water and detergent.
“Keep the Door Seals clean”
Food stuck on the inner door frame can lead to perishing door seals and Dishwasher leaks,Every week wipe the Door seals with a damp cloth.
“Top Salt and Rinse Aid ”
Salt stops limescale build up and softens the water – Dishwasher detergents only work effectively in soft water,Rinse Aid helps dishes to dry without streaking. Most Dishwashers have indicators showing when to top these up

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