Fridge Freezer Repairs

Fridge and freezer problems can be costly and messy. The last thing you want is for all your food to spoil or to find yourself ankle deep in water.

So if you have problems with your fridge or fridge freezer  it’s time to call in BA Repairs.


We Repair, Deliver and Install all Domestic Appliances with a Proven Track Record.


Common fridge freezer problems we are call on to fix include:

  • Fridge too cold or warm
  • Fridge freezer not cooling
  • Light not working
  • Compressor motor running all the time
  • Freezer icing up and needs defrosting frequently
  • Water accumulating in the bottom of the fridge
  • Freezer makes a noise when it clicks off

Whatever your specific problem help is at hand! We offer a fast and reliable same or next day repair service and can fix more than 90% of faults on the first visit – all at a highly competitive price and with no hidden extras.


Fridge freezers need to be defrosted periodically to keep them in good working order.

Never defrost your freezer using a sharp knife as you risk puncturing the runners, which cannot be repaired.

Instead, switch off the appliance, unplug and put a bowl of warm water inside.